Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is that the message you really want to send?

In this “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston, from January 2010, Lynn has two men, Ted and John, walking in the snow, chatting. Ted says, “Got anything for the wife yet John?” To which John replies, “No’’’ But I have some ideas.” To which Ted queries, “Diamonds? Pearls?” To which he is rebuffed with, “Nah. Elly’s far too practical for that stuff, Ted.” Then adds, “I’m thinking Food Sealer. You know, one of those wrapping gadgets that cover leftovers with plastic.” To which Ted says quietly, “Right…’ Before sharply adding, “And every time she looks at vegetables, she’ll think of you.”
Can’t say I always agree with Ted but on this one he is pretty close to the mark. That said, apart from an engagement ring, I can’t say I have ever bought her Diamonds or pearls, some Opals, but no pearls! Although I did offer to buy her Tahitian Pearls, when we were there a couple of years back, to which she refused saying she would never wear them.
Anyway, what this cartoon and I are saying is that when you buy something for your spouse or loved ones, put some real thought into it and give something that will induce positive and happy memories whenever they use it! Again, while it can sometimes be something practical, it also needs to be something that when they use it, they will think favourably of you.
Sometimes it may be something rather impractical like Diamonds, and at other time’s it may be something practical, like a home appliance. The secret is knowing when either is appropriate and when it isn’t?
So as we close now, what message are you sending out in the gifts you give? Is it all about the recipient of the gift? Or is it more about you, as the giver? Over to you for your thoughts now.


Lynx217 said...

best presents I ever got from my bf was the pda and the vaccum cleaner (nevermind I'd been BEGGING for a new vac for years MOL)

Walter parker said...

Agreed Lynx, sometimes something practical is ideal.That's why these days we tend to ask each other and the Kids what is something you really want or need. And then often put in together to buy the one wanted/needed item!