Sunday, June 19, 2011

How adaptable are you really?

Went for a walk up the street to get a paper and took the dogs with me. Of course they had to stop along the way to “Cock their leg.” As they did so, my mind went back to another dog and another time, and even another country. Here, it appears both our current dogs are ambidextrous when it comes to lifting their hind legs, when they need to go. But over there, our Doyle boy, obviously wasn’t.
I say obviously wasn’t, because when I, ah… umm…. Accidently ran over him one day when out for a run beside the vehicle and bruised his leg bad enough that he couldn’t support his weight on it for quite some time, he had trouble when he wanted to Cock his leg! For it seems he was either unable or unwilling to use his left rear leg instead of his normal right.
However not to be undone, he soon worked out a solution: He simply stood on his two front legs with his rear in the air and then using his nose to steady himself, was soon able to relieve himself of his dilemma.
All of this made me think how much easier, and safer it would have been if he had of just switched legs, but he seemed unable to do that and so found a much more difficult and even dangerous way to do so! (Whilst learning to stand like this, I saw him topple over completely backwards in the trying, a couple of times!)
All this made me ponder and wonder how often we do the same thing when changes are forced upon us? That is we refuse, for whatever reason, to do the logical thing and instead choose a more difficult and often more dangerous option, just because we can or because we refuse to conform to the obvious and safer option.
So as we close now, are you really adaptable enough to make the necessary changes when necessary? Or do you still, even then, refuse to conform to the better, easier, safer way? Again over to you now.

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