Friday, June 17, 2011

How well do you know someone before you judge them?

In this 2010 Comic strip, “Dark Side of the Horse by Samson” and taken from the internet on September 29, 2010 Samson has his anti –hero Horace the Black horse, outside walking along and complaining bitterly about his neighbour, saying: “I used to dislike my neighbor.” Then, in the next frame, he adds: “Then I decided to get to know him better!” Then finally in the final frame, Horace concludes with: “Now I hate him with venom!”
Sadly there may be a few people like that still around, but not all are like that, and in fact often when we follow Horace’s first example of actually trying to get to know them better, before judging them , we find that they are not so bad after all.
And often more importantly, they find that you too are not as bad as they first thought!
So today and every day, before you rush to judgement of those around you, please get too know them first.
True. Like Horace, you may well find your first judgment right! But often it is the opposite too.
So please give it ago and try and get to know people better before you make a final judgment! Your thoughts please?

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