Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Seven P’s of Life.

I took the following off of a Face book site of a friend, a little while back where he wrote: “Discipline makes things easier....plan, prioritise, execute!”
To which another friend of his replied with: "True that, I live my life by the seven P's: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance”
Now, apart from being very clever at composing a meaningful sentence with only P words, there is a lot of truth in this last statement isn’t there? Yes prior and Proper Planning nearly always prevents pitiful and poor performances and /or products.
We have seen too many pitiful performances recently in both Victoria and Australia where the Governing Powers came up with ideas, which seem good on the surface, but which turn out horribly wrong and expensively so. Not because they were inherently wrong (although some were) but mostly, simply because they were rushed into being without proper planning and preparation, and now we, the Tax-Payers, are footing the Bill for one White Elephant after another, when with forethought and proper planning, most of these ideas, could have been not only working long before now, but also working properly, instead of the liabilities that they now are.
Of course the Government is not the only ones to make mistakes like this, are they? No! Sadly we too, as individuals, are also prone to making costly mistakes, all because we too didn’t follow the seven P's: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance.
So let’s make all that yesterday’s happenings; and starting right now, let’s all adopt and use the seven P's: Yes starting now, let all of us live by the motto of: “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance”. Over to you now.

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Lynx217 said...

our landlord just said the same 7 p phrase when he was here fixing the ac!