Thursday, June 23, 2011

Postage cost verses cost of original item?

Since our return to Australia late 2002, I have been in the habit of sending some cheap but colourful Australian calendars to a few of our close overseas friends. One year I wanted to send an even better one to a particular friend, and finally choosing a really nice one, paid, $12.50 for it, then was shocked and horrified to find that the only way I could supposedly send it to them was by airmail and had to Pay $19.50 to do so.
Fortunately for them, I valued their friendship enough to send it, even if just that one time, and went back to the cheaper ones the following year! Cheaper ones, which still cost more to post than purchase, but at least was reasonably affordable. Particularly if you want to send a half dozen or more!
So as I close for now, what are some other items that you have found that cost more to Post than to buy? Over to you now for your comments.

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