Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is this hugger-mugger too?

The Word of the Day for Thursday, April 1, 2010 was hugger-mugger. Apparently not only is hugger-mugger, a real word, but it has two different meanings too! Although the origin of hugger-mugger, is unknown; it is thought to perhaps have come from the Anglo-Irish cuggermugger, "a whispering, a low-voiced gossiping," from Irish 'cogair'!, to "whisper!"
Thus it is defined in this original article as:
Noun: 1. A disorderly jumble; muddle; confusion. 2. Secrecy; concealment.
Adjective: 1. Confused; muddled; disorderly. 2. Secret.
Adverb: 1. In a muddle or confusion. 2. Secretly.
Transitive verb: 1. To keep secret.
Intransitive verb: 1. To act in a secretive manner.
Now I could ask if you are a hugger-mugger who is either disorderly/ confused; or one who acts in secret?
However, the purpose of this blog today is to see if you feel that these blogs of mine are hugger-muggers. Whilst I don’t think there is anything secret in them, the message may be concealed or just confused! So if you have found, or do find any that way, please let me know ASAP and I will see if I can’t sort the problem out. Either that or maybe I will just confuse you more! Who knows? Either way please let me know. Thanks.

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