Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yes, Sometimes All The rotten Effort is worth it.

This “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston has the family going through all the rigmarole and traumas of shopping for a Christmas tree, complete with young children fighting among themselves and the dog running around who knows where, and finally finding a suitable tree, having to pay more for it as it is one of the dearest ones. Then because they left the rope behind, have to carry it uncomfortably in the car with all of them. Then being told exasperatedly by the wife not to get needles all over the rug, the husband says, “Every year, we suffer through a day like this! … “And as his eyes saw the end result and the joy it brought all there, he added:” and… every year it is worth it!”
Yes just like with annually putting up and then taking down a Christmas tree, there are many things we do, that have a relatively short life, and lots of hassles involved in doing them, but then, in the long term, the benefits are well worth the extra hassles and frustrations and even short-term hardships.
Perhaps now in the business of Christmas, whether it be with the tree, or with obtaining suitable presents or even just in preparing the Christmas feast, you are feeling exasperated and frustrated by the whole thing and ready to call it quits? Well, do bear with the short-term handicaps and frustrations and remember the joy and long-term memories such a successful and happy event will muster. Some such memories last a lifetime too.
So this Christmas, don’t worry too much over the hassles and enjoy the end result. And also in all the enjoyment of the trappings of Christmas, don’t for get the main event and reason for the season. After all it isn’t called Christ-mas for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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