Thursday, December 18, 2008

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try A Different Angle.

This “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston has the Visiting Uncle arrive with his suitcases. To which the Young son says, “: Which suitcase has my Present in-MMMFF?” as his mother quickly muffles his mouth.
Daunted not one bit from his desire, he proceeds with “Ok…. We’ll just help you unpack” and grabs a suitcase and proceeds to open it.
One may query his manners but not his commitment to his cause. But what about you and me? Do we have that same commitment to all our tasks and obligations? Or do we let the first little set back, knock us off of our path and deflect us from our Goal and cause us to settle for something, often far less rewarding and fulfilling?
So as we head for a New Year and all its promises and prospects for us, will we truly follow those goals and objects, even to finding alternative ways to reach our goals when the most obvious are blocked to us? Or will we falter and fall at the first obstacle in our path?
So will you be more like this cartoon character (but also like many excited real life people to), who will you not be daunted by the obstructions but look to new approaches and ways to achieve your goals for the coming New Year? Will you? It is over and up to you now!

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