Thursday, December 11, 2008

Work Or Cute?

In this “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston, The mother has her neighbour haranguing her for getting a puppy for her two children, saying “ A puppy!?- Elly you’re crazy!! I though you wanted more freedom. I thought you wanted less work! You’re got enough to do without adding a puppy to the list!!!”
All logical responses and arguments I believe, but what was the Mother’s (Elly) response? “But Connie…. He’s so CUTE!”
Yes sometimes some extraneous extra thing, like a pup/dog may tie up our plans for more freedom! Yes they may even make much more work, at least to start with! Yes you may already have plenty of work to do! But sometimes it is to our advantage to take on something that is cute. Something that will give us a different and even an “outside” influence (Note to dog lovers; Pun not originally intended!)
So today even if you have a heavy load already, don’t exclude something extra because it has no intrinsic meaning or purpose other than cute, but consider it anyhow, even if it is only for “Cute”. Because although Cute can be extra work, it can also have extra benefits too. Such as relaxation and happy memories. So in closing don’t just reject something out of hand just because it is only cute, but consider it because it is cute.

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