Friday, December 12, 2008

Camera Moments are worth it.

In this “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston, the mother after previously defending herself from her neighbour’s haranguing for getting her children a Pup, is now starting to have some self-doubts herself saying, “I didn’t want a puppy. Heavens knows, the last thing I need is a DOG!!. But here you are… And I’ve bought all the necessities: A cage, a fence, a bed, shampoo. Toys, food… Now I am looking after another baby! … Why in the world did I agree to this?!!! “
At this point the sight of her two little children playing extremely happily with the pup breaks her moment of doubt and self-pity. To which she exclaims, “ Whoa! … lemme get the camera!!’
Yes with every extra item we add to our routine, there will be extra costs and commitments, and yes there will also be times when we wonder, “What was I thinking when I said yes!” But there will also be many other moments when we also say, “ Whoa! … Lemme get the camera!!’
So today if you are struggling under the load of extra burdens of something that was cute at the time, but now you are wondering, think again of the “ Camera times” and other such Happy times that this extra Burden has brought. And then hopefully you too, will be able to take your eyes off of the extra work and focus on the extra benefits this extra addition has brought you. What say you?

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