Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Crackers And Their Cheap Toys.

The other day, my wider family (Brothers, sisters, nieces, Nephew and Grand Nieces), were here for our turn to host the Family Christmas Dinner. We have this usually the weekend before Christmas and share the hosting around, thus allowing us all to get together at least once a year, but also leaving us all free to go/have our own actual Christmas Dinner with other family.
As part of a long held family tradition, as well as the traditional meal with the $ meats etc and Christmas Pudd, we must have Christmas Crackers with their Party hats, and also we must have Christmas Crackers with jokes and toys in them. (No matter how corny the jokes or how chintzy the toys!)
Because there were 18 of us, and the day nice, we ate outside on the patio and after the meal sat around in the shady side of the Yard, as the sun became hotter & hotter. As the day progressed the shady area got bigger, but at first it was small and people were basically sitting in two rows facing each other with less than a metre between the two rows. Not a great deal of room but enough for some one to bounce a small yellow fun ball that had come out of one of the Crackers. And as you would expect it wasn’t all that long before all the kids joined in. All the Kids from those under 10, to those over 60 that is! And all were having fun laughing at each others attempts to try and pre-empt which way the ball would bounce and catch it at their first half dozen attempts. It was quite amazing to watch all ages join in and have fun with such a simply thing as a cheap small yellow bouncy ball. It just shows that if you really want to, it doesn’t take much to have fun. Just a willingness to join it and to not be afraid that others may think that you look silly.
So today I would like to encourage you in what is left of the so called “Silly Season" to join in and have some good clean fun and be a kid at heart again, even if the Body is not young anymore. Don’t be afraid to look foolish in someone else’s eyes but enjoy the fun going around, or even make your own, and make it enjoyable for all. What do you?

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