Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Cards? You get what you give!

Recently read where a Bishop (or Archbishop) in England suggested people shouldn’t spend too much on themselves for Christmas and spend more on people who have less, a sentiment I heartedly agree with. However he also went on to say that people should also cut back on sending out Christmas Cards and especially to people they hardly know or haven’t heard from for some time. A sentiment I am not quite in agreement with. I certainly would agree that we shouldn’t waste a lot of money on expensive cards, but with so many cards on the market at the moment, one can pick them up quite cheaply; especially if you buy after Christmas and save them for next year, like I try to do! If you buy the cheaper ones that way, you can get a reasonably nice card for almost the same price as it would cost to photocopy your own Christmas Letter.
Thus I find Christmas Cards not only cheap, but a cheap way of keeping in touch with people you don’t have a lot of contact with but would still like to keep in touch with, even if only once a year. Hence I/we send out a few Christmas cards each year and receive a few too!
In fact visitors occasionally remark on how many cards we have, as compared to how many they have themselves. And of course when I ask how many they personally sent out, the answer is always, "Not many!" And there is the problem, with not only Christmas Cards but also with most things in Life. We only get back a proportion of what we put in and if we put in very little, we will get even less back. Yes we get a few Christmas cards every year, but then again I probably sent out about twice what we receive back.
So today, whether it is Christmas Cards, presents or only compliments and best wishes, if you are not getting as many as you think you should, ask yourself how many you have been giving out yourself, as you really will only harvest much, if you sow much.
So this Christmas and the New Year, whether it be cards or compliments, get out there and sow much, and wait for the harvest to come in, in its due time.

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