Saturday, December 13, 2008

Are you too quick to Blame too?

Another blog inspired by a “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston and about a recently acquired pup and the joys of such ownership. This one has the mother exasperatedly looking at a puddle in the Hall and then, even worse, finding another in the kitchen and then mop in hand, finding yet another puddle elsewhere. Well this is more than she can bare, so she unceremoniously scoops up the pup and quickly bundles him into his cage. She then walks back into the kitchen, only to find her toddler quite happily squirting apple juice out of its box all over the place.
So it was not the pup at all but her daughter and apple juice! However the pup got the blame first. Do we too often operate like that? And jump at first conclusions, without checking them out first? It may just be that often our first conclusion may be right, but it may also be wrong too and great harm can come from false or incorrect conclusions too. Yes in the case of a pup being falsely or wrongly accused, there will probably be no serious repercussions, but in the home or workplace with family, friends or associates, great harm can come simple because we jumped to the wrong conclusion and then acted upon that conclusion without first seriously checking and con firming that our original conclusion was right.
So today before you jump to any conclusion, please check your facts carefully before speaking or acting. And then act appropriately and responsibly. OK?

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