Sunday, December 14, 2008

Advertising Christ Or Santa this year? 6/12/2008

In a recent “For Better or For Worse” cartoon, Lynn Johnston has the 6-year-old boy ask his mum, “ If Christmas is more about God than Santa ….. How come people talk more about Santa than God? “ His Mum replies, “ God does less advertising.”
And when you look around at all the Christmas paraphernalia on the market, at first glance, this may appear to be true. But is it? To answer that question properly, one needs to properly understand how God advertises and how that differs from the Santa and Christmas commercial advertising.
God does indeed advertise, but he does it not through some expansive and expensive advertising blitz of all the available Media outlets. No God advertises quietly but no less expansively thorough the lives and witness of ordinary everyday believers in Him. People like you and me, if you claim to be a follower of Christ!
Yes God uses word of mouth advertising and this is the best method of all, as if a person is truly happy with a product they can’t help but share that news with any that will listen and even with some who won’t listen! Should we do any less with the great News of Jesus Christ this Christmas and every day too, for that matter? So, whom are you really advertising for this Year? God or Santa?


specs50 said...

I advertise God all year not just at Christmas,Christmas I beleive is Gods greatest gift to mankind, mankind has missunderstood this that is why there's a lot of the other advertising.

Yours in Christ.

JO (South Africa JHB)

Walter parker said...

That is the way it should be for all who call themselves Christians. Long may you and we kep it up!!!!!!!!

How's the weather there in Jo-burg? We visited there a few times but most of our time in SA was spent In Umtata in the then Transkei,(now Eastern Cape).

specs50 said...

Joburg is very hot & please check out my blog @ keep in touch
Yours in christ