Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Are You Prepared To Take The Good With The Bad?

In an earlier cartoon from the “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston, we find the mother, after having just been sweet talked into taking home a puppy from the neighbours much to the great delight of her young son, carrying it when it wets itself and her at the same time, much to the ladies disgust. And her husband didn’t help much by saying, “Didn’t you say you might like another baby?”
However, whether a pup or baby, or any other thing, there will always be aspects of having such things, that we would rather do with out. Having had 3 children of our own now, I can quite honestly say I could have quite happily done without all the wet and dirty nappies etc, (even if my wife did most of them ---- Sometimes working away from home can have its benefits, hey!) But anyway, dirty nappies or not, I would never have not had our kids just because of that and a few other problems associated with bringing up children.
So I would like to try and encourage you today, that if you are feeling a little discouraged by the extra dirty, messy, smelly work involved in your life though some recent addition to your life, just remember that there are many, many more better times too, and that you just need to learn to be able to take the bad times with the good. And as you are going through those bad timed to focus not on them, but on the benefits and rewards of the good times instead.
So if you are feeling down today, will you try that? Will you?

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