Sunday, August 3, 2008

You are not a failure.

How is your life going today? Are you feeling trapped in a lousy Job? Do you really feel like your life is a failure? Or is it just others trying to tell you that? If it is others trying to tell you that then, don’t listen to them.

Even if you have according to them, a crappy Job, at least you have a job and a life, which is more than many others do, and they see these things lacking in themselves as failures but justify themselves by knowing they are not alone. Thus they don’t like it when some of their contemporaries start to get ahead and start to make something of their lives, even if that start is with a lousy job, and rather than congratulate and help them succeed, these real failures try and pull the triers back down to their own level.

So if you are in that situation now, then realise it is they and not you, who are the real failures and you should not listen to them. Sure help them rise above their present situations if possible, but never allow yourself to go back down to theirs. Never ever!

I am going to close with the advice that whenever that "Tinny" (& I do mean tinny and not Tiny,) voice inside you, planted by them, starts to say you are a failure, Answer it back quite strongly, saying “No! You are the failure, I am the successful one around here, so clear off.”

I can't even pretend to promise it will work every time, but it will work if you believe it yourself. And if you want proof that you are a success, look back and think of those things that you have succeeded at, including your consistently holding down a crappy job. Anyone can hold down a great or even a good one, but to hold down a crappy one does take a lot of doing doesn't it? If that is not a part of being successful I don't know what is. So hang on in there. You are already well on the way to success. Don’t let the real failures pull you back to their level, just for their self-justification. Over to you now for application.

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