Sunday, August 17, 2008

Real Life Auto-Correct, For Our Lives?

I warn you right here at the start that this one is about God and the Bible, and if you don’t like that, you can blame my American Blogger Pal Lynx, who instigated this by writing the following in reference to her struggles to get her Computer Program to properly auto correct. Any way this is what she wrote: Ever since I redid the pda I seem to have forgotten how to do the basics lol. I'm ok though. I just have to reprogram the thing, which will take a while, so that it capitalizes the "j" in January, the "f" in Friday, etc... No it doesn't do it automatically, except when you type an "I" (see, I can't even put one in quotes without it doing it). I love auto-correct programs. I need one for my life.

Oh there's a blog - and I'm sure this is going to get Walter thinking... LMAO”.

Until that last comment, the thought had never crossed my mind; but not being one to willingly pass up a challenge, I did think about it. And when I did think about, it I realised that our creator, God, has indeed given us His instruction Manuel (The Bible) and if we apply it properly, it does indeed act as an automatic mistake corrector or at least, mistake pointer outer.

Personally I think that it is a great auto-correct on Life, but like Computer programs, there are a couple of Drawbacks with it too.

1. It has to be installed properly at the beginning. Like a lot of computer programs are not properly or fully installed at the beginning so there are problems. So like with the Bible. It must be properly applied and right from the beginning too for maximum benefit.

2. With a computer, all instructions must be followed properly, (or at least the proper short cuts applied,) otherwise there are problems. Likewise with the Bible. Applied properly, there is no problem. Applied incorrectly or with improper shortcuts, you can (& do) get yourself and others, into all sorts of predicaments.

3. Sometime the computer Auto correct gives us instructions / corrections that we just don’t like doesn’t it and so we just over-ride it. Likewise with the Bible. Many try to apply only what they like and reject ort override the rest. Sadly it just doesn’t work in the long run.

So you see we do have an Auto – correct for our lives. It is called God’s Word, the Bible. But we do have to apply it to our whole lives. Sometimes though, when we do just that, what it points out is not always acceptable to us, is it, and thus we either ignore or totally override God’s auto- correct and continue in our own desires don’t we?

So Lynx, we do already have an auto-correct program for our lives, but it is still up to us whether we use it or use the override on His program, like we often do with our computers. Well that’s all for now: Have a great day! Walter.

PS. Although I may be the only one on here that doesn’t know what LMAO means, could someone explain it to me please?

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