Friday, August 22, 2008

Cream whippers are Back again.

Recently read of a small business started by an enterprising young man who saw a niche market and filled it. What new product did he bring onto the market? What new and dazzling and “must have” item was it that he introduced to a demanding market?

Well, Cream whippers, actually! Yes I did mean to write, "cream whippers" and, no. I am not joking! And yes, I do know that they are not new by a long shot, but this is still the product that he made his target market. Despite the availability and profusion of Cream in a can, it appears that there is still a wide spread taste and desire for the real thing. Both in the domestic market and in the Hospitality Industry too!

Well, that was what this young man found during his own search for a suitable whipper for himself. He never created a new product of His own but simple went around and sourced out all the various types and varieties already on the world market, even if not available locally. These ranged from hand mixers, to electric ones, that were then available even if not readily available. Having done that, he produced brochures and went around to the various markets and industries that used this type of product and filled a need and a niche in the market that no one else was reaching. And now financially he is reaping the benefits for His efforts. Sure it is not the largest market in the world, but it is one that he has made the most of, and is now the leader in that field.

This should be an encouragement to all of us to find something that attracts or appeals to us, and to research whether there may indeed be a market in it big enough for us to make a comfortable and profitable living from, while at the same time filling, a till then, unmet need and market. So what old product can you make new again today? Over to you for your reflection, and maybe even action?

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