Monday, August 11, 2008

What Were You Looking At?

Another item inspired by the comic strip, “For Better or For Worse” by Lynn Johnston. In this one two little boys are sitting on the doorstep and one is lamenting to the other, saying, “ All I have to do is LOOK at my mom and she gets mad!” The other says, “ Honest, Mike? You were just looking at her?” To which he replied, “Yeah. She was in the bath at the time.”

Ever been in that situation of seeing but not really seeing what is really going on and then being confused, because you didn’t understand or appreciate the present situation from the other person’s perspective?

In other words, do you always see and appreciate that there are other perspectives on things, (other than your own that is)? And rather than you being the one who is misunderstood and hard done bye, realize it is you who are misunderstanding and downgrading others.

So if you are feeling hard done bye or misunderstood at the moment, do please take a few moments, maybe a lot of moments, to reconsider the present situation from the other party or parties view, and see who really is wrong, even if the mistake is only one of not understanding or appreciating the other side of the situation. Will you do that now?

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