Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slight Boost to Melbourne’s Water Storage.

On the TV News recently it reported that there had been recent good falls of snow that may increase the Snow season for at least another month after the end of the Official Season End at the beginning of September. However what attracted my attention was that this snowfall, when it melts could add up to 16 mm of extra Water to our Water storage supply.

However as the current water levels are metres and metres below their desired averages, there is still much more of an increase to be desired and many people will not be over impressed with this projected small increase, wanting more and wanting it now.

However when you think about what would need to happen to get the amount they want and want now, it may not be all that desirable to get it all in one big lot, and thus small increments is the best way to go till our Water supplies return to normal. After all, to get an instant massive increase in our water levels now, we would need severe Snowstorms and falls and or extreme flooding, wouldn’t we? And both of which will cause extreme and unwanted hardship to both individuals and the overall economy, so again incremental increases, although maybe a little frustrating at the time, are much more satisfactory and beneficial, aren’t they?

And what goes for Melbourne’s water supply levels, also applies generally in most areas of our lives too doesn’t it? Yes we all want current low levels of everything that we desire/want now, to increase now, and in crease dramatically too don’t we? Yet often when they do, it brings resultant, but unwanted costs and burdens too, doesn’t it?

So isn’t is better to be happy with the slight increments as they come along, and make the most of them, rather than wishing for more speedier increases with their also increased costs and burdens. What say you?

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