Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Than One Way To Help?

Another from the “For Better Or Worse’ Cartoon by Lynn Johnston. This one has the teenage daughter out on a picnic and having fun with her friends while her mother and older sister and sister in law, are home struggling to make all the arrangements for her older sister’s upcoming Wedding. When she gets home she is met at the door with the comment, “April, we’re working on the wedding! – I thought you were going to help!” To which April replies, “ I was helping! … I was staying out of the way.”

Ever been in a situation like that? Sometimes it is good to be on hand to offer assistance where needed. But at other times, it can be even more helpful, just to make yourself scarce occasionally too.

So what about you today when you try to help? Is your presence really needed? Or would your absence be more helpful? Sometimes it will be the one and at other times, the other. The real trick is to know the difference. Do you?

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