Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stressful ways to have Fun.

Another from the “For Better Or Worse’ Cartoon by Lynn Johnston. This one has the women folk of the family inside fretting all about all the problems with the upcoming wedding, with the father of the Bride sitting outside and greeting the groom to be, who asks if his bride to be is around, to be told she’s inside but it might be best not to go inside. When asked if there is a problem, he is told, “It’s a wedding! There’s Always a problem! Something’s not right here. A dress doesn’t fit there! People haven’t responded, the caterers out of town …” To which the Groom to be, replies, “Maybe we should just elope?” Only to hear, “ What? And spoil all the fun?!!!!”

I don’t know about you but that is the sort of fun I could really do without and leave to somebody else, but I guess with two daughters of my own, I probably won’t escape that particular type of Fun some time, hey?

But what about you? Do you find stressful situations fun, or do you prefer, like me to let someone else handle them, thus leaving me to find something much more enjoyable to get my fun from?

I admit some do get there fun from putting themselves in stressful situations, but I find myself in enough stress accidentally, not to try and seek my fun that way. But that said, sometimes you will have no choice but to face life’s ’stressful’ situations and try and make them as much fun as possible won’t you? So will you let them get on top of you completely? Or will you take what fun you can find from them and enjoy it while it is there and then move on? Again what say you?

©2008 Lynn Johnston Productions, Inc.

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