Friday, August 15, 2008

British Nightmares?

What do Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Manson, Gordon Brown, spiders, falling from a great height and Heather Mills, all have in common? Yes, you guessed it! They are all in the top 10 things causing British people to have nightmares and lack of sleep.

Apparently, they and other nightmarish thoughts such as losing your job, being homeless, falling and being chased are what is causing sleepless nights in Britain right now. Now the later can mostly be seen, as resultant manifestations of the results of the current credit crunch, and thus credible but the people, apart from Gordon Brown perhaps, in His role of heading the country, whilst freaky looking, shouldn’t really bother anyone who has nothing personal to do with them, should they? Or do they?

Yes what about you? What cause you nightmares and loss of sleep, etc? Famous people who have no or little effect on your life? Or real life possibilities and worries?

Yes what does scares you, and is that result reasonable? And more importantly how can you address that fear? Whether real or imagined? Again I have no answers for you, just these questions!

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