Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Made a mistake somewhere.

A little while back, I posted what was my 500th Blog. I noted at that time that it was no big deal to me and it wasn’t. Still I had actually started to write that particular blog some 8 or 9 months earlier when I mistakenly thought I was quickly approaching that mark. I wasn’t! I was only approaching the 300 mark but I had received notification, not from my blog site, but from my blog’s statistical site, stating I was approaching the 500 mark and had to make a financial decision. Apparently there, you get an allocation for 500 hits to be recorded, and after that you have to either pay for more space, or have the oldest ones deleted to keep the figure at 500.

As I misunderstood the difference between the two sites, I thought I was filling up an allocated free limit on my blog site and had to make a decision whether to “Buy “ extra space at “so much” a month, so that I could continue to post my regular blogs.

Now there were also some other options too, of course.

1. I could have just stopped with my blogs.

2. I could have started another free site.

3. Or I could have just continued adding to that one, but when I did, the oldest one would be deleted, thus keeping the number at 500.

It was that option that I had decided to choose before I realized that I had made a big, big mistake, and didn’t have to make any such choice ever.

The above just shows that we all make mistakes and so we all always need to be careful in what we say and do before we actually act, to avoid making more serious mistakes, don’t we?

However, even though I didn’t have to make a choice based on limitations that time, there are many times in life isn’t there, where there are limits and restrictions on what we can and can’t do, and that we will always need to be constantly re-assessing and adjusting all that we do.

At least that is what we should always be doing, but some of us get stuck in ruts don’t we? So, how are you ‘traveling’ at the moment? Even if you are going with the flow, are you still moving at a pace of your own choosing and in the direction that you are choosing, or are you either stuck in a rut, or worse just being tossed this way and that by the world?

Maybe now is the time for you to just stop for a second or two, to assess your options? There may be even more than you think, just like there may have been more options for my blog site that the four I had noted. It is not that important how many there actually, are but that you find the right one for you. And finding it then put it into action. What say you?

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