Sunday, July 13, 2008

Much More to do!

A little while back in my blog, “Deal to be signed to Ban Cluster Bombs.” I mentioned the need to not only verbally agree with certain actions but at times that we also need to stand up and be counted and to actually get actively involved in what we really deem as important.

In response I received this reply: “Hi Walter: I have already signed a petition on this subject and I suspect you might have also because it was most likely you who sent it to me. I agree that it is a little like whistling into the wind but at least we are trying to do something about it. The problem is to get enough people up off their backsides to make these other countries think again about these horrible weapons, (and others) because these are not the only ones that need to be banned. ****

In my reply to him, I replied, ”Actually I couldn’t agree more that we do have to stand up and be counted for, in what we believe in. It is just that in many cases like here, with the Cluster bombs, we need to do more than just verbally agree. If Australia and Britain really want to do something practical to remove this curse on human life, it could do a lot more effective work privately lobbying its allies and trade partners, like China And America. Get these two on side and most (If not Russia) will quickly also fall into line, or be squeezed dry.

So I am not against petitions and agreements as such, but just believe that if we are really serious about a cause then we will have to do more, and often much more, than just give verbal or even written assent. We also need to back these up with words, pressure and all the influence we can muster. Again, I am neither against signing petitions nor against standing up for what is right. It is just that I strongly believe that if we are truly committed to a cause, then we usually have to do more than just sign a peteition or agreement and then pat ourselves on the back thinking we are great and have achieved something when we haven't. “

What is true there about this one particular topic, is also true about many other topics and indeed about most things in our lives. If we really love something we will be fully devoted to it and to not only give it our best words, but to fight for it too.

So in closing, what are some of the things that you have committed yourself to in the past that you were not really committed to? And finally, what are you committed too now that you can truly and fully committed yourself to? And will you? Or will you just talk about it, maybe even sign a petition or two but otherwise leave it to others to fight for it and for you? Over to you now. Not for words but for action please?

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