Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who Is Making The Rod For Your Own Back?

Another item inspired by the comic strip, “For Better or For Worse” by Lynn Johnston.

In this, the women of the house is doing the housework and saying, “ If women resent their position, they only have themselves to blame. If men were only taught as boys to do things for themselves – this problem wouldn’t exist …” At this point her 6 to 8 year old son comes in and asks, “Hey, mom.. Could you get me a glass of Milk?”

After her previous outburst they would seem fighting words, wouldn’t you think? But no she answers with, “Sure, Mike … as soon as I get your room cleaned up.”

Funny hey? But how many of us are like that? We fuss and complain about our present situation; but then either don’t follow through with the right action or as in some cases that I have seen, actually refuse the help when offered, only to complain later that no one helps around the place.

What about you? Are you making a rod for your own back like the mum above, by not setting some reasonable and responsible boundaries, and then sticking to them? What say you?

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