Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Your Say on Humour Verses Violence 2.

In my original blog, Humour Verses Violence: Your Say?” I touched upon the ongoing situation in the Middle East, and received a couple of responses. One was posted as Your Say on Humour Verses Violence 1, and here is the second response. Each tackling a different aspect of a difficult situation.

My Musician friend wrote in part: “Man did you ever get that one right? Yours is the comment that the whole world should listen to because one of the biggest problems that the world faces today is that they have forgotten how to laugh at themselves as well as others.”

My friend brings up an important point that we need to focus on from time to time. That is the need for every single one of us to lighten up from time to time (and in the appropriate places) and to not only stop taking ourselves too seriously, but to also laugh at ourselves when appropriate. Of course you might be that rare exception, that perfect person who never makes a mistake, but I am not and I have found that laughing, when appropriate, is truly the best medicine, even when you have to laugh at yourself.

So what about you? Are you prepared, whilst still being serious and responsible, to take your self just a little les seriously and to laugh at yourself when appropriate? Well, what say you now?

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