Monday, July 7, 2008

Almost in the Five Hundred Club, but!

Although I only started with this blog site less more than 2 years ago, the blogs have added up very quickly over that time, haven’t they? Initially I had so many ideas that I was, for a very brief period posting two a day, however I quickly settled down to posting only one a day, and even then, for a few brief periods during this time, have even missed a few weeks here and there. Yet despite that, the number of blogs kept on piling up as I am now beginning to see!

Although only on here less than two years and having missed a few days here and there, this will still be the 494th posted Blog and it won’t be long before I hit the magical 500 mark. In one sense quite an achievement, but actually the 500 mark means little to me other than the surprise that I got there so quickly! (Although my poor kids and regular friends will, think, “Only 500? Feels more like 5,000!”)

Whilst in some ways it is a milestone, it is still only a statistical milestone and one that has no real input or importance in my life, other than perhaps the warning that I might be in danger of running out of original ideas and in danger of getting in a rut, and becoming repetitive and even boring. This once again just shows that in all aspects of life there are limits and restrictions in all that we do, and that we will always need to be constantly re-assessing and re-adjusting all that we do, doesn’t it?

And what about when we make those assessments, what do we do then? Do we continue on as if nothing has changed? Do we fold up completely and stop all together? Or do we adjust and modify and change and go with the times? Personally I believe the last is the best option that is best for me, (even if some of my readers don’t!) But what about you? Where do you go from here?

I believe that all of us should always be constantly re-assessing and adjusting all that we do, but some of us get stuck in ruts don’t we? So! How are you ‘traveling’ at the moment? Even if you are going with the right flow, are you still moving at a pace of your own choosing and in the direction that you are choosing or are you either stuck in a rut, or worse, just being tossed this way and that by the world?

Maybe now is the time for you to just stop for a second or two, to assess your options? There may be even more than you think, just like there may be more options for my blog site that the three that I have noted. It is not that important how many there actually are, but that you find the right one for you. And finding it then put it into action. What say you?

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