Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are you Generating Anger Or Support?

In my blog Your Say on Humour Verses Violence 2, I posted part of a response from my Musician friend in regards to my earlier Blog, Humour Verses Violence: Your Say?”

Here I would like to respond to a further comment in that same reply where he said, “Like you I think that if the Palestinians did a bit more laughing they might get a lot further but nobody is going to have any sympathy for somebody who bombs innocent civilians.”

Again he makes a very valid point, not just in regard to the Middle east situation, or terrorism in general but also to our everyday lives too. You may not like to agree but he is right when he says, “nobody is going to have any sympathy for somebody who bombs innocent civilians.”

If you want real sympathy and real support you have to earn it with respect and responsibility, not bombs, whether real bombs or simply metaphorical ones.

So, how are you travelling within your own little world right now? Do you think that you are being treated harshly and in need of some sympathy and active support from others around you? Well maybe like the terrorist groups everywhere, you need to stop throwing bombs and start trading civility and respect and see how far that will take you.

Put another way, do you want people to think of you as a Mugabe or a Mandela? One treats his enemies one way and the other treated them with respect and in turn, gained theirs in return, to the point that no one remembers now that he was once a terrorist himself.

So back to you. Are you a Mugabe or a Mandela, and will you give up your violence and bombs to become a Mandela instead of a Mugabe? I have said enough! Over to you now.

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