Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do you pick your fights wisely?

In reply to an earlier blog Your Say: On Humour Verses Violence. 1, which was in its turn a reply to my earlier blog, “Humour Verses Violence: Your Say?”, I received the following comment from my friend Lynx: “You are right, it comes down to picking your "fights" wisely. You can't pick a fight that you're going to lose, only to lose and then retaliate. Perhaps someday we'll all get to that point. Some days it's just smarter to keep your mouth shut for a moment. Laughter really is the best medicine, both for illness and anger. I just don't see it happening anytime soon on a global scale. That's why everything starts locally. Laughter is contagious yanno!”

Again Lynx is one hundred per cent Spot On. Whilst there are a few battles that can never be won, there are some, even many, that can be won and only won, by using a different approach to all those that have been tried and failed before. After all it has been said that you catch more flies with Honey as your bait than by using Vinegar.

So how are you battling on now? Are you still using bullets and vinegar and getting nowhere?

Maybe it is time you used a different type of bait to win your battles? Maybe humour, or even honey, is not the full ammunition but they are a start and often good starts at that. Remember, one often needs to replace hostility and hatred for recognition and respect, before anything will ever be achieved of lasting benefit. I guess the only question to ask now, are you prepared to make that change starting now?

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