Friday, July 4, 2008

The Centre Of Attention?

Sticking with the comic theme of late, today I would like to look at another favourite comic strip of mine. “Hagar The Horrible” By Chris Browne, as in the herald Sun Newspaper on June 24th.

It has Hagar and Lucky Eddie tied to two stakes in the middle of a vast circle of heavily armed enemies and Lucky Eddie says, “Ever since I was a kid I never liked being the centre of attention!!”

And my thought was, “It is a bit late now isn't it? You should have thought of that before you took up your current profession. One that by its very nature, puts you in the centre of People’s attention.”

Is that how it is with you right now? You find yourself at the centre of everyone’s attention for your actions, and not likening it one Bit? Well ask yourself then, “Why am I here? Is it because this is what I want to do and part of that job?” Or is it because you have made some wrong choices along the way and now you have to decide whether to continue on as you are, or whether you can withdraw and do something else, that will bring you less exposure to everyone’s attention.

Mind you, a bit of exposure to public attention is good, in that it keeps you honest under scrutiny and also gives you some just rewards for your efforts, but “if you really can’t stand the Heat, then you really should get out of the Kitchen”, shouldn’t you?

Wha6yt say you and what are you going to do about it? Moan and groan or actually do something about it? Over to you for now: Walter

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