Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Somebody In Puerto Rico loves Steve Forde.

Writing Blogs is one thing; coming up with an appropriate Name that attracts people’s attention is another. Thus I often check not only what blogs attract people, but also where they attract people from. For instance if you write about an Australian Country Singer, you are not surprised to find that you get many hits from Australia, and when you hear that he had spent some time in America on both the Rodeo and Country Music Scenes, one is not too surprised to find a few hits from there either.

However I was surprised to find that Somebody In Puerto Rico loves Steve Forde enough, even if they didn’t spell his name properly, to look him up under the query, “ Steve Ford Australian Country singer”. Thus proving that they didn’t just stumble across my blog by accident but was looking for something on Steve Forde/Ford.

Although not overly well known in his own country outside of the Country music scene, Steve’s reputation has still managed to cross the world and into its remoter corners.

As with Steve Forde, so often with us too. We may not think our name or reputation, or lack thereof has spread precedes us very far but often it does and by strange and unexpected ways too sometimes. Sometimes, maybe even most times this may not be that far out of our expected circles but on others, our fame or often, our infamy, may spread far and wide indeed and even to some remote, strange, or as in this case some unexpected places too, in some obscure corner of the world.

Sometimes we use this belief of us not being well known, to hide behind and excuse some lax or sloppy behaviour too, in the belief that nobody of any importance will hear of us anyway.

Please don’t ever be like that. No matter how isolated you may feel or how little you may feel that your message is not really getting out there, don’t be discouraged, and don’t do things, half-heartedly either. Things have a habit of getting out and about, whether good or bad, even from remote Australia to remote Puerto Rico.

So don’t ever give up or put in half measures either. For you never know, one day you too might have a fan in Puerto Rico or Tobago & Trinidad or even down town Umtata, South Africa.

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