Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Past occupation – Always The Junior!

Recently received an e-mail from a friend with a crappy job, who always seems to get the crappiest parts of that job into the bargain, being the last employed there. I could sympathize well with her, as I too have been through that, as I think most of us have too!

Anyway, back, way back and in the last century too, in the early 1980's, I worked in a couple of major Supermarket Chains in their (fruit and Veggie) Produce sections, and even then, although in my early 30's, I was usually the youngest in our department and so when things were quiet, I was the one who got shifted around to other jobs in the supermarket, including the cleaning. Not one of my favourite jobs but one that does have to get done and at least I was working and showing how valuable I was even if only for being versatile.

To me, that seems to be the best philosophy when faced with situations we don’t like, but otherwise have little real control over. It may not be pleasant, and we may not want to do it forever, but it is all grist to the mill, and will show you in good steed, if not to your supervisor at least to others who do notice, as I believe it always will, if we stick at it and always give our best. Even and especially when no one is looking!

So, when and not if, but when you find yourself in a similar situation, suck it in, stick it out, put your head down and your tail up and if you can’t sail through it, at least plough through it anyway, and come out stronger and victorious because of it.

If your present job situation is never going to change, by all means look for another one, but in the meantime, keep up the present one until the right one comes along where you will be perfectly happy. (Which by the way, I have never found. With every job I have had, including this one, while I love most of it and wouldn't change it in any hurry, there are aspects that I would rather do with out.) Anyhow that is enough rambling for now. Catch you later: Walter.

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