Monday, May 9, 2011

How often and how far do you usually peregrinate?

Yes, how often do you peregrinate and how far do you go when you do? Without pointing fingers at anyone, (whilst acknowledging that there are exceptions) I think, most of us, myself included, don’t do as much as we should or even could, and all of us, should do a lot more peregrinating when we can.
And for much further distances too. That being said, it is not the distance that you peregrinate that is really important, but rather that you peregrinate often and as long as you can. At least for Health benefits anyway. But that is not the main reason people peregrinate these days, is it? No. Most (Not all admittedly) but most people today, only peregrinate, because they have no other alternative, or can’t afford the other ways of getting to where they want to go.
True, many do enjoy a long walk or hike and there are even special clubs for people with this inclination, but peregrinate has a much broader meaning than just going on an occasional walk or hike.
According to the Word of the Day for Saturday, April 23, 2011 peregrinate (PER-i-gruh-neyt), “derives from the Latin peregrinatus, "in the act of transit." And as a verb means:
1. To travel or journey, especially to walk on foot.
2. To travel or walk over; traverse.
So again, how much peregrinating are you currently doing? And even better, how much more, not should you do, but, “How much more will you do, when you can?” Yes, whether for health reasons; economic reasons; or just to enjoy the outside world and see it from a different perspective for a change, do start peregrinating when you can. Again where you can walk safely, leave the car at home and peregrinate.
Well that’s all for now, so: Over to you now and get out there and start peregrinating. That’s an order, you hear?

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