Friday, May 20, 2011

You never know who will …

When our current property was bought, not too many years ago, there was an above ground swimming pool on it. A pool that we quickly found out, had no permit or proper pool fencing. We found this out because the man responsible at the local shire, saw the property advertised with a pool and quickly checked to see if it had a proper fence. Which it didn’t, but since then, things have been done to comply with his instructions. However when someone else had to sign off on the end result, we found that some of the things previously acceptable, were now not so and more work needed to be done on making the fence acceptable. All of which didn’t make us too happy about certain inspectors!
Anyway, a few e-mails changed hands with the new inspector, as we got things again up to scratch. Now although I have been very sporadic lately with my Blog postings, on the bottom of my e-mails I have a permanent message pointing to my Blog site where I also post these messages for the general public. Anyway the other day, the Inspector, a lovely chap by the way, came out for another inspection. And during the course of conversation, he mentioned that he had checked out some of my Blog postings and found them “Funny”.
Now I had not thought of it before hand but had I, I would not have thought that he would have been inclined to be checking out my Blog site, (Nor that were they particularly funny either!)
So, it was a good thing that I had not written anything bad about him on it wasn’t it? Not that there has been anything bad to write about him, but it did make me think about these open forums: like Blog sites, Face book, etc, and the need for us to always be careful of what we say, as we really do not know, who may “check them out”, nor how far down the track either, when our thoughts or ideas, may have changed or been modified by then.
So today’s lesson is, to not only be careful what you say and do, but to be even more careful about what you put down in print and in open forums. Your views please?

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