Saturday, May 21, 2011

Iron sharpens Iron

A while back I wrote to my American blogger friend expressing thanks for her comments on my blogs and how they had sometimes led to further blogs of mine.
In reply she wrote: “Always - and remember, you inspired quite a few of mine!”
To which I replied: “You are quite right again. As I think I long ago put in a blog and certainly as the Bible says, "Iron sharpens Iron'. Although some people annoy the heck out of us, we need other people to knock our rough edges off and to sharpen us, otherwise we just become duller and duller and less and less useful. Both to ourselves and to others.
So go out there today and sharpen someone (But gently) and let them sharpen you in return. (This may even end up in a new blog too If we are not careful.)”
Well it finally has made its way into a blog, and all I wish to add now, is to ask you if you know and realize who is your iron, and is sharpening you; and who you are also sharpening in return?
For all of us, whether for good or for bad, have an effect on those we come into contact with. So let your contact with others be good and see if you can’t sharpen one another rather than just dulling your / their edge.
Again and as I said above to my friend, go out and sharpen someone, and preferably someone who really needs sharpening, but again, please do it gently. Please?

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