Monday, February 21, 2011

Communication: Gift Or …?

Every week I compile and print off our Church bulletin and include all the News items sent to me by the missionaries that we have an interest in and whom communicate with me. I also send off an electronic version of this each week to our missionaries. The following is the response I received today from one ,who had also visited our Church last Sunday.

“You do know how to communicate Walter. Definitely a gift. *******.”

Nice words, but here is my reply:

Thanks for the nice words *******,
Not totally sure that it is a gift I have or not. For all I am doing is passing on what others send me. So I can only communicate when someone else communicates with me. So, thank you for communicating with me and giving me something to communicate to others.”

Now I am not trying to beat my own drum here, but all communication is, to me anyway, is passing onto others, what I have had in turn, passed on to me, and in turn, creating both a dialogue and communication.

So if you think that some people are not communicating with you, it may just be that you are also not communicating with anyone else either. Thus not giving them anything to communicate nor dialogue with.

Now of course I know from personal experience that only about 10% of people I communicate with, communicate back to me. So if you want a lot of people to communicate with you, then you need first to communicate to a lot of people, always knowing that not many, but at least some, will in turn communicate with you.
So today’s challenge is, if you really want people to communicate to you, first write something and send it to the majority on your e-mail or friendship list and see who communicates back to and with you.

Go on just try it! I dare you! In fact, I double dare you!

Your communicative friend, Walter

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