Saturday, May 21, 2011

Improving each time.

About this time last year, my wife and I went to the Harold Stevens Athletic Track in Coburg where the Coburg Harriers have their base and where a friend’s son was running in the 24-hour Marathon then in Progress.
While there, I was talking to one of the Members there who just happen to be Harold Steven’s wife and my cousin June. She told me that this event has been held there for some time now and was regarded not just by them, but by the participants as one of the better organised events of that type. But not satisfied with that, she went on to say that the organising and running of the event, was in fact improving and progressing each time it was run, from lessons learnt from past events and with new ideas and practices tried out.
All this made me wonder about how we also do things too. Do we try and improve every time? Or do we still stick to the same old tried and true, but perhaps outmoded ways now? So as I close today I would like you to ponder the question of what, if anything you need to adapt, change, or add to your current program to keep it improving and not stagnating or even declining. Again, what say you now?

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