Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Think carefully before you speak

In an August 2010 blog called, “Not well”, I concluded with this statement and challenge:
“Just a little reminder to all here, and especially myself, that next time, before I speak, I stop, think and mean what I say! Will you try that too? Good for you! “
To which my good American blogger mate, wrote: “My aunt always said it was rude to say anything else - that no one REALLY wanted to know.”
To which I replied: “Also very true ******. And relevant too, as I once knew a man you never asked how he was, for he would literally take 15 minutes to tell you. And believe me, after you heard it once, you didn't really get anything new. So you learnt to choose your words very carefully around him. And that was what I was trying to achieve with this blog. I was just trying to show how trite some things have become to us and how often we tritely and unthinkingly respond. After all, I could have said anything other than that I was well. I could have said something like, "doing okay i guess". Or as a late great friend used to say, "Suffering in silence!" And He did!”
Yes although he did suffer greatly in his later years, he never bothered you with the details, unless you really wanted to know, and asked specifically. That was him but what about you and me? Yes, although I know I am getting a little personal here, I can’t help asking you, how much care to you take before speaking?
Well must be off now, but would love to have your thoughts on the subject.

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Autumn said...

"I love this. I need a book on this topic. I have a hard time thinking before I speak, which sounds kind of funny on paper. But I think it's really important for everyone to think about what they want to say, and to speak the truth in love before ever speaking at all."