Thursday, May 26, 2011

Which type of megrim do you have most?

The Word of the Day for Wednesday, April 7, 2010, is megrim. Now Megrim is one of those unique words that have a few interpretations, and each one quite different to the other, although technically it is quite possible to experience all 3 different meanings at the one time.
Now Megrim means either: 1. A migraine. 2. A fancy; a whim. Or. 3. In the plural: lowness of spirits -- often with 'the'.
The following examples are used to express the three different meanings more clearly:
1.That might justify her, fairly enough, in being kept away from meeting now and again by headaches, or undefined megrims. -- Harold Frederic, The Damnation of Theron Ware.
2.Tonight, by some megrim of the scheduler, I have the honor of working with the departmental chairman, Dr. B. -- Pamela Grim, Just Here Trying to Save a Few Lives.
3.They do say it's always darkest before the dawn, she thought. I reckon this is proof of it. I've got the megrims, that's all. -- Stephens Mitchell, Scarlett
As already mentioned, I think all of us have had a Megrim before, possibly even all 3 types too, even if not all together.
But the important thing here is not which type of Megrim you have but how you deal with it, that is important.
For the first type often, although you can sometimes control it with medication, often you just have to stop and rest and let it take its course.
For the second, although not as outwardly painful, these fancies or whims if acted upon without careful consideration can cause much long term damage.
As can the lowness of spirit if we let it. So the message here is that with all types of Megrims, we need to take appropriate action and positive steps to overcome them.
So with the megrims currently in your life, what are you doing to overcome them?
Are you getting the appropriate medical and other advice? Are you properly following that advice? And are you actively pursuering the correct action? Or still waiting for others to help you, often without them even knowing you need help? Over to you now for your own action please?

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