Monday, May 23, 2011

The Art of Physiognomy?

The question being posed today is, do you, or even better, should you practise the art of Physiognomy?
Physiognomy, according to the Word of the Day for Saturday, May 21, 2011, is:
1. The art of discovering temperament and other characteristic qualities of the mind from the outward appearance, especially by the features of the face.
2. The face or facial features, especially when regarded as indicating character.
3. The general appearance or aspect of a thing.
Now the above would be a great thing to have and very good, if it was a proven science, but as it is not a science, but just an art, like all art, we should be careful in our own reproductions of it, as often, if not usually, we are not as good at think as we like to think we are. And often our attempts, no matter how genuine, turn out to be disasters and often damaging to others.
So the next time you go to write someone off because you think they have beady or shifty eyes, think again and judge them not on how they look to you, but judge them on how they act and Live. Again, what say you?

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