Sunday, January 13, 2008


As said in previous Blogs, my Blogger friend Lynx and I exchange e-mails on occasion, and part of the most recent was this: “Between the two of us we've tackled almost every issue there is to tackle, big and small. It's not something two little bloggers half the world away from each other can normally say, but between the two of us, we've tackled it all. You stick to the small stuff normally, which is good cause I'm not so good on that end (part of my personality I guess), and I go after politics etc.”

In my last item I spoke of the importance of the small things. Here I wish to look at the Subject of politics. As I said in my first blog on this e-mail, there is only so much and so many subjects that one person can successfully cover by themselves. So there comes a time where you have to decide what is the most important to you and spend most of your time covering that. Sure if you have time to cover other subjects too, then fine, do that too, but not to the risk of your preferred field.

Thus the reason I don’t normally discuss political things is not that I don’t have strong political view, but that the things I do find time to write about, are more important to me than many other things including Politics. (In fact it is probably good that I don’t write on things political, as Lynx and I are basically at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to our personal political views.)

As well, it is not that I have no interest in politics, but that I have seen in my nearly 40 years of voting that, even when the party you prefer wins, they don’t always do what you agree with either, and so unless you are prepared to be really involved and join a party or such, one really has little chance of changing much, no matter who you vote for. (And here in Australia, you have to vote. It is compulsory!).

So rather than waste my time and energies on subjects I have little real influence on, I much prefer doing and taking care of the little things that I can directly influence, rather than comment on something that I don’t have a strong connection too or feel as strongly about.

What about you? Are you directing your time and energies into areas where you can have a direct influence, like me with my little things, and Lynx with her political views? If you want to make a difference and a change in this world, don’t just talk about it but get involved personally and practically, even if only at a small level. So continuing the New Year’s challenge of late, “What Little thing can you do now, whether for a political Party or some other cause?”


Lynx217 said...

Sometimes I wonder if voting should be mandatory here too as too many of us don't take for granted the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of voting. I just find myself as of late totally opposite of where I want to be politically, as right now we're in a dire situation in this country financially. We need to be out of Iraq soon, but I don't think we can just cut and run either. We need to stimulate the economy, but I'm not sure the government can, and I don't think anyone that gets that rebate check and doesn't have immediate needs is going to go spend it. Most will probably just go to the bank and let it earn some interest. I'd love to blog more about my cats and other stuff going on, but I'd be liable to offend some of my readers I know IRL and there's only so much one can say about cats LOL.
But my main point was Walter, you have an ability to make one think much better than I do, and you do it so smoothly. I only have moments of genius lol. I am so glad that we met via our blogs and perhaps when I finally get to see Oz, I'll let ya know I'm somewhere in the country.

Walter parker said...

1. As stated in my blog, compulsory voting can be a pain in the neck, especially as we have to vote both state and Federally, as well as locally every two or three years it seems, but it does force you to take some responsibility for who becomes our leaders, and as said, even if you vote for the loosing side, you have at least elected someone with the majority vote of the whole country and not just a minority, often small, of those who bother to vote.

Again too, no leader/party will ever met "your" full expectations or desires, but one lives in hope and if they know that they need the majority of the country for support rather than just their "died in the wool " dedicated voters, they are likely to be more responsive, to those who will potentially vote them out if not happy.

2. As for your comment about "there's only so much one can say about cats", that goes for any subject, including politics. I am even starting to think that even my blogs are starting to get a bit of sameness about them. Their endings at least.

3. I have said this in another blog dedicated to you, that we work well inspiring one another. Just as Iron sharpens iron, we, you and I, as Iron against iron, sharpen and inspire one another. Long may it be too!

4. I too am glad we met through our blogs and most definitely look us up if you ever make it here. I have dreams of going to a few places, including America, but without the finances to do so, that's all they will remain. Dreams. (Even if we did have the finances we would probably visit South Africa again first!)

Well that's enough for now, thanks again for your response(s).