Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Newspaper. Home delivered or get it yourself?

Many years ago my wife and I walked quite a lot, but after she broke her ankle in 3 places she had never been keen to do so since. Well until lately that is.

When I worked at the Newsagency, I always picked up a paper at work, but since changing Jobs, we have had to get it from a local shop. It was either that, or get it Home-Delivered, but as we were often out in the car or I would walk to the nearby shop, Home Delivery was never given much thought.

Also, since our move, we have a shop even closer and I started going there for a bit of exercise and the love of a walk and to enjoy the beauty of our new surroundings, However we soon discovered that they often sell out of papers early and we were not always early in going out, so we started going to a nearby Supermarket.

Going the long way and making a circuit of it, it is close to 4 Kilometres and a good daily exercise. Sometimes we even do it when we already have the paper just for the exercise. Since the move, my wife has started to join me in these regular walks. And in fact often they would not be regular walks, if one or the other didn’t encourage the other. Sometimes one just does not feel like going but goes anyway because the other wants to.

That is the advantage of teaming up with one or more when doing something that you might otherwise find hard to keep at by yourself. By yourself it is easy to get discouraged or distracted, but with one or more extra in your team, you build up and encourage one another and keep on at it.

Are you thinking of taking up a new activity or exercise where you feel you may not be able to keep it up? Then look to doing it with others on a regular, even if not daily, routine. Look for a team to both encourage you and to be encouraged by you.

Separately you may all fail or fall away from the task, but as part of a team, you will be more inclined to stick at it even if only to not embarrass yourself by being the first to drop out. So, what team and what activity will you undertake this year?

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