Tuesday, January 15, 2008

English Grown Coffee.

A few weeks back I read in our Daily Newspaper (Herald Sun), how English Chef Jamie Oliver was going to dispense from one of his restaurants, about 50 cups of coffee made from the beans of the first coffee ever grown and harvested in England. In case you didn’t know, the cold climate there is not conducive to growing coffee and special efforts had to be made to do so.

This does not prove that it is profitable or practical to grow Coffee in England. Only that you can do it if you set your mind to it and can afford the cost of both money and time to do it.

And for what? 50 cups of Coffee!

Many things are possible in this day and age, but not all are practical or worth the effort are they? What about what we are doing? Sometimes it is good to try and do things that have never been done before but often they have no other value than self gratification and one has to wonder why they are done and to what benefit? (Much can be achieved from initial efforts but I have already covered that in my recent blog on Sir Edmund Hillary.)

So yes, it is quite an achievement to grow Coffee in England, but what good is that going to be, if it is not viably profitable to continue to do so? Doing something to show that it can be done is one thing but to what ultimate end? What long-term achievement, will come out of this achievement? I can’t believe that it will ever be viably economical to grow coffee commercially in England, so apart from proving it can be done, and the immediate novelty value of it, what real benefits will arise from this venture?

I guess time will tell about that, but what about our achievements? What are we trying to achieve and to what benefit? Ours or the communities? Will we do things for the benefit of others or just for our own? Will we do things for their novelty value, or for some real value? Will we waste resources on doing what has already been done or will we try something new? These are the questions that I will be asking myself about all my endeavours for this year. What about you?

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