Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dreaming. Good or Bad thing.

In my, “New Palm Tree Discovered in Madagascar” blog told you how this “gigantic pyramid– shaped plant was discovered accidentally by a French family walking in remote north-western Madagascar”. I also mentioned that "as fascinating as the plant itself is to me, I was also amazed that something so large could remain undiscovered for so long”.

Now all this, as well as giving us the encouragement to continue along in our own struggles for recognition and discovery, should also encourage us all to also keep our eyes open to and for the other new discoveries still out there, and not become to self-focused on ourselves.

Remember too, that there are still things and people out there, waiting to be discovered, so don’t give up thinking that there is nothing out there for you to discover too. There is, if you keep looking and have eyes to recognise what you see, when you do see it.

Actually I am jealous of that French family! That could have been me! Not really, but we were planning on going to Madagascar as Missionaries back around mid 1988 to 1989.

History shows that we went to Transkei (In South Africa) in late 1990 instead. Had we gone to Madagascar, it could have been an Australian and not a French family, who found that palm, couldn’t it? Well I can dream can’t I? No harm in that is there?

Well yes there can be, if that is all I do, Dream! It is right and good that we all have our dreams, but those dreams should also be realistic and we should also and always, be striving towards making those dreams come true. Just thinking about going to Madagascar, didn’t get us there did it? (Not that I have any regrets whatsoever, about going to Transkei instead!) But do follow your dreams and not just dream about them! If I may be so bold to ask, what is your dream for the future and how can you help create the conditions to help bring it about?

That is my closing question for today, “What can you do now, to make your Dreams come True.” And why aren’t you doing it?

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