Thursday, January 17, 2008

Johnny Depp’s Gratitude.

I like stories where people give a little back of what they have received. I like it even better when they try and do it quietly and without publicity. It doesn’t always work out that way as Johnny Depp found out recently.

He recently arrived unexpectedly at a renowned London Hospital that saved his daughter’s life last year. A week earlier he had 5 of their Doctors and Nurses to the premier of his latest film in England. (Sweeny Todd.)

However his most recent spontaneous way of saying thank you, was nearly a Million times better. Yes, unannounced and unwarrantedly, he donated One Million English Pounds to the Hospital. Now that is really saying thank you isn’t it? I mean he didn’t have to give them anything, did he? I’m sure he paid his Bill last time around and therefore there was no real need (Other than genuine gratitude) for him to do what he did is there?

How can we learn from Johnny Depp? Sure, very few of us are ever going to have a spare Million quid or two, hanging around to give away, but I am sure all of us can show our real gratitude to others in a tangible way, even if not with money.

The thing is, in my view at least, is to do it, or at least try and do it, quietly and not for show or publicity like many do. If someone has helped you in the past, even if (like with Johnny’s daughter’s Hospital Bill,) you have paid for it, try doing something extra. Not for publicity or to big note yourself, simply out of gratitude and do it as quietly as you can. What say you?

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