Friday, January 18, 2008

Canadian Cast Offs.

Reading the Newspaper recently I noticed that many American towns and shopping centres near the Canadian Border were having problems with Canadians leaving their clothes behind. Recently the Canadian Dollar has soared to around parity with the American dollar and so, many cashed up Canadians are going across the Border into the US and picking up some cheap shopping bargains. However there is a problem.

The problem? Well apparently there is a Duty Tax to be paid on new Clothing entering Canada, and so the Canadians are going across the Border into the US and buying the new clothes and then wearing them home. Thus many change rooms, car parks, toilets and shopping centres are being scattered with a plethora of old clothing. So much so that many places are now putting out clothing collection Bins for this used Clothing and the rejected Clothing is getting a new life in Charity shops and the like.

I like this article because it shows a creative response to a growing litter problem while at the same time providing either income for the Charity Stores or clothes for the needy. Kinda what I call a “win-win” situation all around, don’t you think?

I also wonder how often we take the easy way out (like just leaving the clothes anywhere) rather than look for a win-win situation (like the clothing Bins and their subsequent distribution).

So as you look around you at any cast offs you might have, please look for a win-win answer rather than just dumping it anywhere.

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