Monday, May 5, 2008

What Does Rand Mean To You?

Received an e-mail from our last Born recently saying our son would not be up that night as he was going away for the weekend to Rand. At first I thought it was a misprint or spelling mistake and so I emailed him the following e-mail: “So where are you going this weekend? Your sister said, Rand! Where's that, except in the pockets of most South Africans?”

To which I received the following reply: “Yep going up to a friends family farm, same one I went to last November. It’s the one up near Wagga Wagga. About 15min drive from the place that had the big slide down the hill. Funny you should mention the South African comparison – that’s the only way I remember the towns name.”
Because we have both lived in South Africa for some time and became quite familiar with their monetary currency, whenever we hear the word Rand, we immediately think of South African Money and not a place name in rural New South Wales, Australia. Which is actual also quite interesting because although a long time ago, we also lived in Wagga Wagga for over 12 months too, but don’t remember that place even if it is within spitting distance so to speak of Wagga.

How about you? Are their some words or images that take you to another place in time and not to the place intended? Again what does the word Rand mean to you .The currency of South Africa, A small country town in rural New South Wales Australia, something completely different again or nothing at all? What say you?

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