Saturday, May 10, 2008

Real Horse Power

Read a story recently of an Ambulance in America on the way to Hospital in a hurry with a very sick lady in it when it slipped into a ditch on an icy road. No problem as a Big four wheel drive immediately pulled up and hooked on the front and just sat there spinning his wheels as he too was unable to get a grip on the ice.

Then something almost unimaginable happened. An Amish man in his two-horse buggy pulled up, hitched his cart to the Ambulance and swiftly preceded to lead the Ambulance out of the ditch and back onto the road. Something the bigger more powerful 4X4 was unable to do. Why? How?

Well apparently the Amish man explained that his horses had been fitted with specially sharpened shoes that would allow them to grip on the icy roads. Now while I am not a mechanic or mechanically minded, I suspect that chains on a 2 wheel drive would probably also allowed a normal car to pull that Ambulance out over the 4X4 with his conventional tyres.

My point here is not to emphasize horses over mechanical or 2 wheels over 4, simply to point out having the biggest and best equipment available to you is not much help if it is not set up for specific conditions.

Under most conditions that 4 x4 would have been the one for the job, but on that occasion its tyres let it down. What about you are your tyres letting you down too? Most people use all round tyres all the year round, as they rarely need anything else under their normal usage. Others use dry weather tyre for summer and we weather tyres for winter conditions, and even other tyres for sandy travelling. Using the right tyres under the right conditions is a wise thing but using the wrong tyres for specific and sustained wrong usage is both foolish and potentially quite dangerous.

Again what about you as you travel through your life journey? Are you using the right tyres under the right conditions or is it time for you to change tyres right now and get your traction back and start heading back in the direction you wish to travel? What say you?

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