Monday, May 12, 2008

Paul McDermott.

Paul McDermott is well known on Australian TV as a live wire host of such shows as Good News Week, Strictly Dancing and The Sideshow. Before that he came to public awareness as part of “the Doug Anthony All Stars” on the music scene.

Anyway just recently he has gone behind the camera and directed an animated film starring Pia Miranda and Hugo Weaving based on a Children’s book (The Girl who Swallowed Bees) also written by him.

Many people have been surprised by this change of direction and considered it so not like him at all. However, Paul who graduated from Art school, considers this to be so him and the other, (the public performance persona,) just so not him in his inner being.

The artwork and directing etc is what really moves him and the other is what paid the bills and in essence actually initially at least, sidetracked him from what he really wanted to do. But now this then distraction, is actually now allowing him the real freedom, finances and opportunity to again do what he really wants to do.

What about you? Have you, over the years allowed yourself to be sidetracked from what you wanted to do by something that paid the bills, but are now in a position to change that. If you want to that is? What say you now? Is what y0ou are currently doing, “So you!” or “so not you!” in your inner being? And what can you do about it now? Over to you for your say.

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